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Why Mr. Bob's Silicone Hoses

Hoses, the ARTERIES of the engine, carry vital fluids and air for it's operation. While many after market accessories are added to the original equipment of the vehicle, hoses are often neglected. This is especially true when components are installed increasing performance. Raising Horsepower and torque increases boost pressures putting more demand on stock hoses which do not have an upgraded rating. Exhaust temperatures also go up, causing higher under hood temperatures.

As time and miles add up, OEM hoses become more prone to slipping off, cracking, rupturing or leaking. Carrying heavy loads and towing trailers increases the potential for failure. The weight of modern trailers with pop out rooms and all the amenities of today often exceed the vehicles rated towing specifications, putting even more demand on components. Should a CAC hose, (Turbo/Intercooler hose) fail, the result is loss of boost and power. You don't want this to happen on a 100 degree day while pulling your trailer up a hill. Loss of power, exhaust temps pegging the gauge, and finding a place to pull over can make for a bad day. Allowing dust or dirt to be sucked into the engine is not good either. Over heating the engine by a failed radiator or heater hose can cause it to never be the same again. Don't forget about the hoses on the Automatic transmission block cooler on the Dodge/Cummins trucks.

When purchasing a used vehicle, replacing the vehicles hoses with upgraded Silicone hoses should definitely be on the check list. Silicone unlike rubber is ozone resistant, has higher temperature ratings, and retains it's flexibility for life. While Silicone is not impervious to caustic substances like acids, under normal use one does not have to be concerned about how many miles or years they have been on the engine.

Closed crankcase vehicles like the Ford Power Stroke have engine oil circulate in their CAC air hoses. This results in deterioration of the stock hoses causing leakage, slipping off, cracking, or rupture. (Closed crankcases are now required on all new vehicles) Mr. Bob's CAC Silicone hoses for closed crankcase engines have a Fluorocarbon lining in them, which is impervious to petro-chemicals. Although this requires a double baking/curing process raising cost, it is a tremendous improvement for this application. Power Stroke owners are reporting how their truck ran like new again just from changing the hoses. The reason! leakage and loss of boost, and thus loss of power. The potential of sucking dirt into the engine is also eliminated.


  • They are HAND MADE in the USA by highly trained & skilled personnel using the best of materials.
  • Mr. Bob has has had special tooling made for all applications to insure proper fit.
  • Full time engineers, a chemist, and quality control professionals on staff.
  • Mr. Bob regularly meets with management and personally sees the hoses made.
  • Flexible, easy to install, long lasting durability, and a much improved look are obtained. Coolant hoses meet or exceed J20R4 standards.
  • Ozone resistant with higher temperature ratings and a controlled baking/curing process.
  • Spring loaded T-Bolt & stainless steel liner clamps supplied for all hoses in the kits

DO YOU KNOW THE CONDITION OF YOUR ENGINES ARTERIES? DO YOU KNOW WHERE THEY WERE MADE? and the quality of the materials used?, the quality control?, how about the weave strength, size of the filaments, and amount of silicone used.

If it says MR. BOB'S on it, it was MADE IN AMERICA and it's the best you can buy.


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